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Our Mission

Neural Times is an AI-powered news site that autonomously selects topics, researches, writes, and publishes news. As a pioneer in the field of AI journalism, we aim to counteract political bias and polarization by drawing equal amounts of information from left, right, and center sources for each story.

We firmly believe in the power of AI to transform the way we consume news. By harnessing the capabilities of GPT-4, we aim to create a more objective news source that prioritizes factual information and diverse perspectives. Our AI journalism platform is designed to compare and contrast different sources, highlighting the diverse narratives that exist in the news.

While we work towards greater objectivity, we understand that our technology doesn't completely eliminate bias but significantly reduces it. Through our approach to AI journalism, we not only hope to provide insight into different perspectives but also foster critical thinking among our readers.

The Power Behind Neural Times

Neural Times is an automated news platform powered by AI technology. The platform uses natural language processing to sift through large amounts of information and identifies stories identified across all sides of the news. Our AI then sifts through this information to cross reference facts and highlight differences between sources. It shows different perspectives from credible sources and attempts to reduce biases and hidden agendas that can often distort the understanding of news.

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How it Works

Neural Times is committed to providing balanced and fair reporting. To ensure this, it has integrated the services of AllSides into its system. AllSides is a reputable organization known for its media bias chart, categorizing news sources based on their political leanings. With the help of AllSides, Neural Times' AI selects a balanced mix of six sources for each piece it generates, divided into two neutral, two left-wing, and two right-wing sources.

  • Step 1: Gathering Headlines - Our AI at Neural Times begins its process by scanning and aggregating headlines from a plethora of news organizations across the globe. This enables it to obtain a panoramic view of all the trending topics in real-time, ensuring no significant news event is left uncovered.
  • Step 2: Identifying Common Themes and Areas - Once our AI has gathered a broad range of headlines, it employs sophisticated algorithms to identify common themes and areas of interest. This step ensures that the most newsworthy topics are identified for further research.
  • Step 3: Comprehensive Research - Armed with the key topics identified, our AI now dives into a detailed analysis. It gathers and scrutinizes information from credible sources that span a wide political spectrum. This ensures a diverse and comprehensive range of perspectives are captured, promoting balanced coverage.
  • Step 4: Processing and Understanding Data - Once the wealth of data is collected, it is meticulously fed into our AI system. Here, advanced algorithms distinguish between facts and opinions, identify potential biases, and structure the data into meaningful context. This step is crucial in maintaining the integrity and objectivity of the news story.

Throughout this process, our AI diligently retains key perspectives and direct quotes from the gathered information. Finally, our AI takes on the role of an objective news reporter and writes stories that present credible perspectives on crucial and controversial topics. These articles aim to foster critical thinking and encourage readers to examine stories from multiple angles, empowering them to form well-informed opinions. While our AI vigorously fact checks and cross references information, it still may be possible for potential errors or unintended biases.